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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turning the Corner

As we are sure you already know, rain turned last year's fly-in into a drive-in and a dissapointment to ALL.  Unfortunately, these "goings on" also created a severe case of 'the airport owner burnout'.  Symptoms of this disease are nasty and include the long list of bills that arise from such a fiasco.  Yet, we have not given in and have even managed to muster  just enough positive outlook to purchase a new piece of equipment.  This "people mover" will allow this year's fly-in guests to 'ride in style around our back yard. 

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Ollie said...

Keep up the faith. I haven't been to your place yet, but have friends with Stearman that have and i sure want to one of these years and I'm running out of years.

Central FL (97FL),