Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Memories Count as ROI

Whenever I feel like strangling someone I always end up thinking about better things, better times, and the great people I have known. Last night it happened again. While searching out a bad ground I had a vivid memory of an old friend who died several years ago. In my mind I could see the day he bought the most insane car of the day and the fun he had letting me drive it. I’ll never forget it. It was hilariously fun. I’m laughing as I write.

Thinking back to that day it hit me there was an interesting connection between the bike I was working on, the car from my memory, my old friend, and the person responsible for the creation of both the car and the bike. This got me to wondering if latter person was still alive; it had been a while since I had seen or heard him in print, online, or TV.

Searching his name I found an email and sent something to remind him of our friend. In doing so I hoped to give him a simple sincere, “Thank you..” for playing a part in creating an endless number of great machines which in turn led to so many great memories like mine.

This morning when I woke up he had already responded.

People are just people, after all. Those who are worth knowing don’t want fans. However, I’ve never met a hard-working man who hated to hear a sincere appreciative “thanks.” I’ve done this for decades and I’m always amazed how many “living legends” answer emails and calls. Most of them, if they live to a ripe old age, are happy to not be forgotten. Now think about those who were working class stiffs like you and me. They aren’t “living legends” and they’re too old to matter to most but they're still there.

When things are not so great, I highly recommend you follow my lead. Think of the good and thank everyone you can find for playing a part in it.