Friday, July 24, 2015

If Oshkosh Were Two Weeks Long

It's a long way up.
If Oshkosh were two weeks long, I'd still need another week to do what I wanted.   It's true.  Every day we run into friends who invite us to this event or that, tell us about unique little parties in out of the way corners of the campground, and ask if we'd like to have dinner.  Each and every one of them we'd love to spend time with.
I tell'ya, it drives me crazy.  You simply cannot go to four different dinners on one night.  But, to properly visit with each friend you'd have to do just that for seven days straight.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  How do you chose?  Where do you go?
The real problem I have is that it is essentially like attending a birthday party.  People invite you and when you attend or not implies a level of importance you put on them.  Yet, that simply isn't true.  There's just too much to do and I wish everyone knew how much I'd love to be able to stand there and learn what's new in their lives, to hear about their kids, find out how their flight to Oshkosh went.  But again, there's just too much.
So, to all of you who, best of friends to mere acquaintances, we really should catch up sometime.  You're all wonderful people.
Someone's jumping on the bandwagon.
That little radial adds 15 knots to the top end.

Yeah, this.

One may not be airworthy but it is still very cool.

Great kit machine.

Look at all those salads.  Times have changed.

This visit was fun in so many ways.

One of the Pitts on hand.

Looks like EAA Vintage is getting in on the Champs vs Cubs thing.

Wait, what?  Champs vs Cubs disturbance in the
space time continuum.

The trip is almost complete.
This incredibly horrible shot was brought to you by
guy who waited too long to get his camera out
then took the shot as he laughed at how stupid
it was.

Warbirds or Vintage?

Popity pop pop....

The last ray of sunshine on a good day.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some Auctions are Better than Others

See for yourself....

Another Day in Oshkosh

Red is the new green and I am red with envy.
The crowd is amazing this year and we're happy we came.  Running into old friends and new has been great.  I only wish we could figure out how to do everything.
While I think about a solution to that problem, here are some random and randomly poor photos from our day.  They don't even begin to cover it.  Morning approaches though and I need sleep so we can do it all over again.
What the hell is it doing way out there?

I don't like selfies but for Bernie I'll make the exception.

I'm always amazed by the level of interest the public has for
commercial planes.

Bomber Command.

Another victim of the FAA.


Ooooh baby!

More like "locked for their safety," when I'm around.

Nice panel.

A meatball sandwich.

Great Stinson restoration.

Big birds.
Voted most useful shirt at Oshkosh.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oshkosh Alive and Well With Talk of Champs vs Cubs

This isn't the official poster but merely a great flyer a good friend
put together for us before heading to Oshkosh.  The t-shirts will be
similar and will play a major role with the fly-in this year.
Walking around Oshkosh to spread the word about Champs vs Cubs, we've had a pretty good time.  It seems we may be onto something.  Every place we go, as soon as the flyer comes out a friendly argument starts.  Opinions run wild and free when it comes to these planes and it's hilarious to witness the immediate manner in which the tit-for-tat erupts.   This could be really fun.
And here are some random photos...
The Rocketeer lives!

Great idea.

Oil for planes that turn you on.

This is cool.

The results of the dream.


The one on the right is from 2005.  Guess which one was
made in China.



Love this bird.

The panel.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Day Back at Oshkosh

Getting to Oshkosh over the past few years has been very trying for us.  One thing after another got in the way.  A few days ago, it looked like we'd be foiled again.  Thanks to family though, we were able to get things back on track.
Arriving around noon today (Monday the 20th), we were very surprised.  Having been many times, it was hard to believe the place was full.   Campers were already out to the entrance and the plane parking appeared to be near capacity.  I'm not sure I've ever seen that on Monday.  Something is definitely in the air this year as today felt like the typical Thursday where things are in full swing.  Whatever the reason (my guess is cheap fuel), there's no question this place is hopping.
Looking around as we walked to the first point on our "to-do" list, we were amazed by the crowd.   Both people and planes were unusually abundant.  It was the kind of crowd where it's hard to find your friends.  Yet, within minutes of stepping into warbird territory we had run into Harold Cannon, caught up with Mike Porter, chatted with Adam and Alex, and talked to the man we had come to see about a plane.  Then we started looking around.
The year of the Pitts.
If you're down that way, there is an amazing collection of Navy warbirds this year.  The collection of bombers is impressive also.  Again, I'm not sure why the great showing, but it is a great year to visit the warbird camp.  Go take a look.  Did I mention the Mosquito?
Amazingly, we barely even made it to the vintage area today.  Running into one person after another, and one great plane after another, we found ourselves to be worn out by the time we walked up to Ron Alexander at his DC-3.  Some people you never tire of talking to and Ron is one of them.  It was from there we went for our second small meal of the day at the Vintage Café.
Here I have to point out one thing that many may not experience but we couldn't help but notice.  A few years back the Vintage Café was great.   Today they no longer have the good coffee and they have nothing healthy to eat.  I guess it says something about the different crowds.  In the warbird area we were able to get food that wasn't full of sugar or wrapped in a giant bun.  Not so at the Vintage Café.  This was a definite disappointment.
From that point we intended to head to the car but ran into another friend, John Patterson.  He and his son had flown their WACOs up together and it was obviously a proud moment.  John couldn't help but smile as he talked about it and it made us smile too.  Saying goodbye, we took five steps and ran into Steve Koerner and stopped to talk.  Then, although we were both pooped, we swung by to say hello to Mike Rosman and the rest of the members of his aviation gang.  And I had to say hello to Eric Presten.   Hey look, there's.....   We'll have to catch them tomorrow.
This is how Oshkosh goes for us, and probably you too.  We head for the car around noon and reach it around six.  But that's how it should be.  If our luck holds out, we'll run into each and every one of you before we leave.
Ginger checking out Fifi.