Friday, July 24, 2015

If Oshkosh Were Two Weeks Long

It's a long way up.
If Oshkosh were two weeks long, I'd still need another week to do what I wanted.   It's true.  Every day we run into friends who invite us to this event or that, tell us about unique little parties in out of the way corners of the campground, and ask if we'd like to have dinner.  Each and every one of them we'd love to spend time with.
I tell'ya, it drives me crazy.  You simply cannot go to four different dinners on one night.  But, to properly visit with each friend you'd have to do just that for seven days straight.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  How do you chose?  Where do you go?
The real problem I have is that it is essentially like attending a birthday party.  People invite you and when you attend or not implies a level of importance you put on them.  Yet, that simply isn't true.  There's just too much to do and I wish everyone knew how much I'd love to be able to stand there and learn what's new in their lives, to hear about their kids, find out how their flight to Oshkosh went.  But again, there's just too much.
So, to all of you who, best of friends to mere acquaintances, we really should catch up sometime.  You're all wonderful people.
Someone's jumping on the bandwagon.
That little radial adds 15 knots to the top end.

Yeah, this.

One may not be airworthy but it is still very cool.

Great kit machine.

Look at all those salads.  Times have changed.

This visit was fun in so many ways.

One of the Pitts on hand.

Looks like EAA Vintage is getting in on the Champs vs Cubs thing.

Wait, what?  Champs vs Cubs disturbance in the
space time continuum.

The trip is almost complete.
This incredibly horrible shot was brought to you by
guy who waited too long to get his camera out
then took the shot as he laughed at how stupid
it was.

Warbirds or Vintage?

Popity pop pop....

The last ray of sunshine on a good day.


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