Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do You Fly on Holidays? Survey #3

Survey #3;  Through the years I've noticed one very interesting thing about the aviation community.  It seems that a majority of pilots go flying on holidays.  If you don't believe me, watch the social networks on Thanksgiving day.  And yet, despite it being something I'm almost sure of, I have always wondered, is it just my friends that always do this or is it common place across the aviation community?
I'm saying they're Turkey Buzzards.
To me, on the surface it's funny.  A lot of these pilots don't fly on normal days off yet they always seem to fly on holidays even if it is just for one trip around the pattern.  It's like a statement; today I am free.  And on a deeper level I suppose that's what it is; holidays are days where most people are exempt from honey-do lists, unlike those precious days off that are always filled with demands for attention elsewhere.  If that's the case though, I wonder about those people who when freed of all claims chose to fly.  Are their souls trapped in a world inconsiderate of their needs or have they enslaved themselves with unnecessary burdens?
Whatever the case may be, that's up to you to figure out.  Right now, I'm just curious if you are one of those people who always flies on the holidays.  Well?  Are you?  It's ok if you're not but if you are maybe you'd be willing to post a comment as to why you always fly on holidays.  I bet you have some great reasons. 

Describe Aviation in One Word - Survey #2

Survey #2:  Today's survey asks a very simple question; which word best describes aviation? Well, let me back up.  I said simple but maybe it's not that easy.  Let me explain.
If you were taking a different survey and saw a list of words used to describe what summer means to you, you might see "cookouts" as an option.   But if you spent some time thinking about it you may say the reason you are inclined to say "cookouts" is because you always cook out when you are on "vacation"; another word in the survey.  Therefore, "vacation" might be the best word to describe summer.   Got it?  With that explanation in mind, when you read the words associated with aviation, ask yourself which truly best fits what aviation means to you and click on it.  If the word that best describes it to you is not on the list, put it in a comment.
Here goes:

A Troubled House?

Have you read about this crazy feud in Illinois that involves the family of a dead pilot and members of the airport board?  With the kind of people who've been filling slots on boards around the country, and the way the charter industry is going, it's a wonder we don't have more "blow-ups" like these.  And yet the photo above only tells a small part of the story.
You really should click on this link and read about this mess.   I'd be willing to bet some of you even know of similar occurrences at other airports.  This one though appears to have gone way over the line; so far it's hard to know what to say about it.  But, I do know this; those of us in aviation have allowed our house to get a little out of order and it's high time we do some clean up?

What Is Your Opinion? Survey #1

I'm always curious what others are thinking about the world around them.  In this case I'm thinking more specifically about aviators.
What exactly are you thinking?  What's your opinion?  How well do you believe we're being represented?  Is it time for a new group to take center stage?  Is the FAA out of control?  Is aviation making you tired?  Do you really wish the government would just leave you alone?  What do our leaders need to do to help?  How can individuals make a difference?  Are you willing to look to new ideas to promote aviation?  The list goes could go on forever.  For now though, I'm thinking a week.
How about it?  Are you willing to take these easy surveys to learn the opinions of others and compare yours to theirs?   If so, below is the first challenge.

Monday, November 11, 2013

You Are Not Alone

I have to admit, sometimes it feels very lonely to be an "antiquer".  That's generally what everyone in the world of antique aviation calls anyone with a passion for antique aircraft.  Often it feels as if you're the last one left.
What's the criteria for being an antiquer?  It pretty much follows the old saying of "I don't know how many teeth there are in my head but if one was missing I would know". You're either one or you aren't and if you aren't you stand out like a turd in a punch bowl.  If you are you pretty much look like a homeless person who by chance owns a plane.  Those are the basics.  Got it? Great.
But what about life as an antiquer?
If you are an antiquer and you're cursed with having to make a living in aviation, there's often little doubt left in your mind that you are the last one left.  It's so bad, it can get to be depressing. Fortunately though, ever so often something happens and BAM they come out of the woodwork. That's when you realize they're just like you, keeping a low profile until something tells them it's safe to come out.  The most recent something was a photo I posted on Lee Bottom's facebook page.
I posted this photo because I thought the number of different aircraft present was, in a word, cool.  And like I said, thinking it was probably just me who found it very interesting, I was pleasantly surprised when so many people began to name the aircraft, debate specifics, and wonder where it was taken.  That last one is my fault.  I couldn't remember where I found it.  Yet, thanks to Mathieu Gratton we now know it was East Boston Airport.
If you're not an antiquer and you have enough interest to find out the names of all the aircraft, you'll be well on your way to being homeless.
If you are an antiquer, feel free to send it to your friends.  It really is a neat photo isn't it.

Nice Super Cruiser For Sale

When our good friend Jerry Givens passed away, we remembered him with a post in NORDO News.  He was a great guy.  That's really all I need to say.  He was also an avid pilot.  That's how this post came to be.
Jerry's son Jeremy, also a friend, recently emailed to ask if I would know of a good home for his dad's Super Cruiser.  At the moment I did not but with Jerry being like extended family, I wanted to post it here for all to see.

If you know anyone interested, send them on over.

1946 Super Cruiser PA-12 N2322M
2900 TT, 690 SMOH
Scott Tailwheel, New Tires

If you want to know more, email us and we'll get you in touch with the family.