Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Is Your Opinion? Survey #1

I'm always curious what others are thinking about the world around them.  In this case I'm thinking more specifically about aviators.
What exactly are you thinking?  What's your opinion?  How well do you believe we're being represented?  Is it time for a new group to take center stage?  Is the FAA out of control?  Is aviation making you tired?  Do you really wish the government would just leave you alone?  What do our leaders need to do to help?  How can individuals make a difference?  Are you willing to look to new ideas to promote aviation?  The list goes could go on forever.  For now though, I'm thinking a week.
How about it?  Are you willing to take these easy surveys to learn the opinions of others and compare yours to theirs?   If so, below is the first challenge.


Gilford Rowland said...

No meaningful changes will be made to our government until our representatives and officials are subject to the identical laws and regulations we the people are. EG., Social Security, Medicare, Obama Care, etc., would be fixed in short order if Congress didn't have its exemptions. I predict, no change.

Anonymous said...

The Federation to Abolish Airplanes is an autonomous entity, appointed by government officials to rule with total authority over its domain. It is like unto a ruling monarchy or a totalitarian dictatorship with the illusion of user input.

The current "BMI" thing is but the latest in a string of historical dictates that imposed needless restrictions to the recreational and business flyer (the LAX SFRA as opposed to the LAX VFR corridor, the "mode C veil", and the "B & C" airspace debacles, for example).

Each of the above, although "intended" to promote "aviation safety"; has, in effect, reduced the pilot population by either squeezing or pricing us out of the National Airspace System.

The facts just do not back up the this latest medical restriction. As far as I have been able to find out - there have been no incidents or accidents that were attributable to fat pilots falling asleep behind the stick (excluding a few sleepy tower controllers, who were safely on the ground at the controls ..... and I wonder what THEIR "BMI"s were).

AC1 R.C. "FGAP" DeForge, USN Ret.

Unknown said...

Regarding the first question on aviation groups my answer would depend on which aviation group we are talking about and who us is. Without naming names we have a group that has managed to represent almost all facets of general aviation, experimental aviation, antiques, classics, etc. They wandered off the path for awhile but a quick coup brought in new leadership and they're more successful than ever. Yet another group, despite an almost wholesale change in staff, continues to focus on the twin engine wanting a jet crowd. Like surgeons who fly Barons and take on a corporate job as first officer for a hobby thereby displacing some young aspiring aviator who is eating Ramen noodles three times a day. Who does the most for General Aviation? The group that represents the majority of pilots - those who are not in the seven figure income bracket.

Mike Nault
Lees Summit, MO