Monday, November 11, 2013

You Are Not Alone

I have to admit, sometimes it feels very lonely to be an "antiquer".  That's generally what everyone in the world of antique aviation calls anyone with a passion for antique aircraft.  Often it feels as if you're the last one left.
What's the criteria for being an antiquer?  It pretty much follows the old saying of "I don't know how many teeth there are in my head but if one was missing I would know". You're either one or you aren't and if you aren't you stand out like a turd in a punch bowl.  If you are you pretty much look like a homeless person who by chance owns a plane.  Those are the basics.  Got it? Great.
But what about life as an antiquer?
If you are an antiquer and you're cursed with having to make a living in aviation, there's often little doubt left in your mind that you are the last one left.  It's so bad, it can get to be depressing. Fortunately though, ever so often something happens and BAM they come out of the woodwork. That's when you realize they're just like you, keeping a low profile until something tells them it's safe to come out.  The most recent something was a photo I posted on Lee Bottom's facebook page.
I posted this photo because I thought the number of different aircraft present was, in a word, cool.  And like I said, thinking it was probably just me who found it very interesting, I was pleasantly surprised when so many people began to name the aircraft, debate specifics, and wonder where it was taken.  That last one is my fault.  I couldn't remember where I found it.  Yet, thanks to Mathieu Gratton we now know it was East Boston Airport.
If you're not an antiquer and you have enough interest to find out the names of all the aircraft, you'll be well on your way to being homeless.
If you are an antiquer, feel free to send it to your friends.  It really is a neat photo isn't it.

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