Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Describe Aviation in One Word - Survey #2

Survey #2:  Today's survey asks a very simple question; which word best describes aviation? Well, let me back up.  I said simple but maybe it's not that easy.  Let me explain.
If you were taking a different survey and saw a list of words used to describe what summer means to you, you might see "cookouts" as an option.   But if you spent some time thinking about it you may say the reason you are inclined to say "cookouts" is because you always cook out when you are on "vacation"; another word in the survey.  Therefore, "vacation" might be the best word to describe summer.   Got it?  With that explanation in mind, when you read the words associated with aviation, ask yourself which truly best fits what aviation means to you and click on it.  If the word that best describes it to you is not on the list, put it in a comment.
Here goes:

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Greg W said...

Freedom, because aviation gives us Freedom to have Fun,Challenging adventures, while Thrilling at the Camaraderie of this type of Transportation.