Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do You Fly on Holidays? Survey #3

Survey #3;  Through the years I've noticed one very interesting thing about the aviation community.  It seems that a majority of pilots go flying on holidays.  If you don't believe me, watch the social networks on Thanksgiving day.  And yet, despite it being something I'm almost sure of, I have always wondered, is it just my friends that always do this or is it common place across the aviation community?
I'm saying they're Turkey Buzzards.
To me, on the surface it's funny.  A lot of these pilots don't fly on normal days off yet they always seem to fly on holidays even if it is just for one trip around the pattern.  It's like a statement; today I am free.  And on a deeper level I suppose that's what it is; holidays are days where most people are exempt from honey-do lists, unlike those precious days off that are always filled with demands for attention elsewhere.  If that's the case though, I wonder about those people who when freed of all claims chose to fly.  Are their souls trapped in a world inconsiderate of their needs or have they enslaved themselves with unnecessary burdens?
Whatever the case may be, that's up to you to figure out.  Right now, I'm just curious if you are one of those people who always flies on the holidays.  Well?  Are you?  It's ok if you're not but if you are maybe you'd be willing to post a comment as to why you always fly on holidays.  I bet you have some great reasons. 


Greg W said...

I do not tend to fly on holidays. My "funny" flying habit is that I do tend to take the plane up when I hear of the loss of one of my friends or acquaintances. I do not know why I think it necessary, perhaps to show that gravity has not yet won as much as to say "good bye".

Rich Davidson said...

Interesting Greg. I tend to do the same thing.

clover said...

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Unknown said...

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