Monday, March 22, 2010

A glitch in our get-up - SORRY!

Today we sent out our first NORDO News in 6 months using a new distribution program and format  After it was gone, we realized those that view their emails with web-based email systems like yahoo, gmail, and hotmail were not able to see the newsletter in its entirety or with the proper formatting and therefore the email look rather unprofessional.  Now it appears that although we ran it through a test program designed to look for such issues, these most common systems were left out of the test with unfortunate results.  And, as if that wasn't enough, while working on a fix to this problem, the original email was accidentally sent to all of our subscribers again.

Geez, we apologize!  There were just to many projects and changes happening at the same time.

While searching for a solution, fiiring the IT staff was an initial consideration.  Then we realized there wouldn't be an airport or any events if we did so we've retained them.  Instead, they have been put to work on plans that will fix all of this for next month's issue.  Thanks for your ongoing support and for hanging in there with us as we strive to create a new and better NORDO News.

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