Friday, April 9, 2010

Mars Needs Engines

This is amazing.  While real, piloted aircraft folk complain and make excuses why things can't be done, modelers are building aircraft quality items and making a profit.  For years, pilots and builders have been saying we need something to take the place of Warner radials.  But I think we need new Warners built strictly for experimental use.  As time moves forward, I also believe more and more people are going to realize what I've been saying for years; that to keep old planes flying they will have to go experimental.  Shown here for evidence to support my argument, and to show the benefits of such a move is this video of this neat little forty some horsepower experimental engine produced for large scale models and sold for under ten grand.  This is proof that an engine like a Warner, built for the experimental market, could be manufactured and sold for under twenty grand.

Yeah, I know there will be nay-sayers, but the reality is that Warners are proven engines, we know where they need to be beefed up, and to build them for the experimental market would fill a terribly large void in the vintage and experimental powerplant market.  The fact that the type certificate holders continue to look for ways to build certified versions is sad.  If you're listening, get to building experimentals.  And for the rest of you, here's an example of what some folks are doing with this engine.


Anonymous said...

Something like this:

Unknown said...

Hi Rich,

I agree 100% with the sentiment expressed here. I would like to point out though that small experimental radials already exist.

Ok, they're not Warners but they're close:

These guys also started out by building large scale models. They now produce 110 HP 7 cyl & 150HP 9cyl radials.


Rich Davidson said...

Yeah, I've seen and unfortunately heard the rotec radials. They look great but sound like a weedeater. They've also had a bit or sorted history so although an alternative to flat engines, many people have avoided them. I understand they may be getting or have fixed any issues but until it sounds like a radial, I'll be looking for another alternative. But please understand, this is my opinion and my opinion only. I have seen some very neat flying machines with Rotecs on them.

John Duncan said...

Hello Rich,
I am encouraged by your comments regarding Warner engines, and I agree that there must be a market for this very fine engine.

I own the Warner Type Certificates, and it is my intention to adequately support the engine and if the market indicates sufficient interest, to restart production of the Warner 185, and the Warner 90. My plans are for the new W-185 to be a certified engine, and the W-90 to be utilized in an experimental airframe.

Restarting production is extremely expensive and given the current economic climate, I can not provide you with a firm date.

I am always interested in hearing ideas regarding improvements that might be incorporated into new production engines. You may contact me:

Sara Carillo said...

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