Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Very little time ever goes by that we aren't reminded how lucky we are to have an extended family - that's you, the people that visit Lee Bottom Flying Field.  Some of you visit frequently and others we see only once a year at our family reunions known as fly-ins.   There is also a uniquely special group of you who pitch in to make the airport easier for all the family members to enjoy. 
Bob Allen and Howard Edwards were hard at work one early, spring, weekend day but they were not at home with a honey-do list.  Instead on that day, upon returning from breakfast we found them installing a weatherproof, enclosed case on the outside bathroom wall.  This was something they knew we had wanted for a while and they took it on themselves to find it and install it.  This might seem simple to many of you, but with a never ending and always growing list of things to do around here, a gesture such as this often feels like winning a week off with pay.

Look for Fritz's updated airport rules to be posted in this case soon as well as other notes to our visiting family members.  Thanks again to Bob and Howard for this new addition.  It is much classier than the weathered plywood we were previously using.
Recently, on a rather dreary spring day, I returned from running errands in town to find a giant bottle of Round Up sitting on the porch and I knew right away that I had missed a visit from Todd Reed.  Todd and his family are well-known as "The Kova Agribusiness Team" and provide a vast array of agricultural related services and products to farmers throughout the Central Midwest.  We use Round Up to control the growth of unwanted plants and weeds in certain areas around the airport and we are very thankful for this wonderful donation. 
And recently, we were treated to another wonderful gift from some recent additions to our airport family - Ashley Lockwood and Robert Ventura who own the Cork and Cracker store in Broad Ripple, Indiana.  As you might be able to guess from the name of their establishment, they arrived carrying bottles of wine.  Although you might not get the opportunity to enjoy these bottles yourself, I hope you take pleasure in knowing a glass of fine wine goes a long way towards providing incentive to the groundskeeper. So, I guess that indirectly you do get to enjoy this wonderful little surprise gift.

We like sharing these wonderful contributions with you so that you know the story behind them and can thank these individuals if you happen to see them here. OR, maybe you can help them out by supporting their businesses.   These are the little behind-the-scenes contributions that allow us to have the energy to keep the airport available for all to enjoy and use.  Thank you!

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