Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Sinful Sunday of 2010

Yogi Berra once said, “That place is so busy, nobody goes there anymore.” This statement ran continually through my mind during the last Sinful Sunday held in July.  Having noted the sunny forecast and expecting a decent size crowd, we bought thirty percent more of everything knowing it would leave us with enough to serve everyone that could possibly show up. Then came the planes.
Our first arrival was an autogyro. After landing, the pilot told us he almost turned for home since nobody was here but having made it this far he decided to land, even if just for a minute. On the ground we assured him some other aircraft would show up and he stayed. But as time went on and he continued to be the only participant, you could see he was starting to doubt us. And each time I walked by him in a frantic pace to get ready, I reassured him others would show up. Thankfully after an hour or so another plane landed….then another, and another, and another.
Before the day was over, Lee Bottom Flying Field and the wonderful volunteers on hand had handled close to 110 aircraft, served hundreds of ice cream treats, and ran out of everything including food. This included the thirty percent extra we had purchased to keep this from happening. In short, it was a zoo.

During it all people waited in line, orders sometimes became confused, and one of our airport supporters had everything go wrong. His order was given to someone else, his kids wanted what we didn’t have, when he finally got his order it was wrong, and I seem to recall that the Earth toppled and fell on his head. Poor Bill, I felt so sorry about it all but with every crowd there’s always one statistical point man and on that day he was it. Next time we’ll do better and to make it up we’ll probably buy a case of his excellent wine. 
Yet this story shows why there is some truth to the statement of “That place is so busy, nobody goes there anymore”. Sometimes growth happens so quick it’s hard to keep a handle on it. But like always, we will strive to do better and in the end we will all have a great time eating ice cream and drinking peach milkshakes on a hot day in the river bottom.
If you would like to experience the fun known as Sinful Sunday, this Sunday, August 8th, is your last chance of the year. Featured will be our famous peach milkshakes and sundaes made with the finest peaches on the planet. Grown within a mile of the airport, Reeds Orchard has been producing these amazing orbs since the 1800’s. You won’t be disappointed.
Lunch is served from 12-2 and Ice Cream 1-3 (ESDT) or until we run out.

See you on Sunday - that's the 8th of August 2010! 

We are sorry that we need to ask that our visitors please refrain from bringing pets.  We love animals dearly but our dogs have jobs to do and that is to keep other animals away from the runway.  Therefore, it becomes a very confusing time for them when other animals visit us.  We are truly sorry and thank you for respecting this request!

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