Sunday, September 12, 2010

Send A Message To Washington (Part 2 of 2)

The guy who owned Lee Bottom Flying Field before us was named Fritz Hagemann. Fritz was one in a million; a truly unforgettable man possessing a great way with words. When he spoke, you remembered what he said.
Gone from us ten years now, I still sit and think of the many conversations and debates we shared before he passed. These were unforgettable times and because of them, the thought has at times crossed my mind that I'm glad he is not alive to see what our has become of our country. He was honorable and self reliant, he cherished freedom, and despised nothing more than the ideology held by the majority of those in Washington today. He was also my friend with whom I saw eye to eye on all but the most trivial things. Therefore, with him in mind, this year we are going to offer a new service at the fly-in.
In an effort to offer you some background on this service I offer the following. Years ago, during conversations between Fritz and myself about the state of things in Washington DC, Fritz would often get so worked up, he would say, “IT’S TIME TO SEND A MESSAGE TO WASHINGTON!” and into his office he would go to do so.  Some time later, he would emerge feeling better about himself and the state of things in general.
Thinking that many of you might also be so worked up that you might want to send a message to your representatives in Washington, we have decided to give you the chance. When you arrive at the fly-in, look for these words, “SEND A MESSAGE TO WASHINGTON” affixed to booths around the airport. When you see one, please step inside to send your message. It’s what Fritz would have done. (Note, this service works sitting or standing).


Ken Bittner said...

You outdid yourself on this one!!!
So how do we "package" up all the messages and forward them to Washington?
As to your other post...I know who's side I'm on. They all gotta go. Period. And at this point, I don't care how it happens. Think about that.
Ken Bittner

Anonymous said...

I voted to balance things on the debate table but as a Mother of a son being sent to Afganistan please please review what was passed in july tieing our childrens hands.They need to protect themselfs under new rules of engagement they cant please help get this reviewed if more parents knew about this rage would be more heard.Why was the public not informed of this change