Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorry about that

One of the hardest parts of having such a supportive airport family is making sure they all get recognized for their contributions.  Try as we might, this is not something we want to do.  Please let us know if your name has been left off of a list where you should be recognized. 

Here is one such example.  Hayes, Utley, & Hedgspeth recently emailed us to point out they had been left off the list of those that had contributed to the 2010 airport operation fund.  When we looked, sure enough they were not on the final list that went out with the calendars but they were on our master list.  By the time everything was formatted and sent to the printers, somehow they disappeared from the calendar mailing.  After some searching though, we have been able to figure out what went wrong.   Still though, that doesn't fix the fact that it aggravates us.  We're sorry several of you didn't make the list and we'll be sure you are listed everywhere else.

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