Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PEACHES! Sinful Sunday this Sunday - Revised

Normal peach on the right.  A Reed's peach on the left.
The final Sinful Sunday of the year is this Sunday, August 14th. The flavor of the day will be peach and every ice cream treat of that flavor will be made from fresh peaches picked at Reed’s Orchard just a mile from the airport. Those of you who’ve tasted these peaches before know just how good they are. The rest of you will have to trust me when I say these things are so sweet they’re like candy from a tree.
Don’t miss the final Sinful Sunday of the 2011. It will be a full year before we have these peaches again.
Those attending are asked to park on the East side of the runway if at all possible.  Aircraft parking rows will be started by our volunteers and then pilots will be expected to continue those rows following the cones we have set out.

Also, we would like to remind all attendees that THIS IS A NO PET EVENT.  Everyone knows we love animals but our experience tells us this is not a good event for pets.  Therefore, when we say that these events are no place for any animals other than those that live here, we hope you understand we are doing what is best for everyone involved.  Please do not bring your pets.  In the past, other people's pets have caused fights, distractions, aircraft near misses, and aircraft damage.  It's nothing personal, it is simply a rule we ask that you follow.

We are expecting a large turnout for this Sinful Sunday so if anyone out there would be available to help scoop ice cream, we are running short on help and could use yours.

And one last note; the corn growing on the north end of the runway restricts pilots ability to see aircraft on final and those on final to see those on the ground when they taxi too close to it.  If traffic is landing and taking off to the south, please take extra care to stop short of the corn so that you may see and be seen.
See you here.

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