Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fly-In Food

It's no secret that getting a good food vendor for our fly-in has always been a headache.  For as many reasons as you can imagine, the task has always required far too much time and effort on our part.  Therefore, this year we set out to find a vendor that would handle all the food and everything to do with it.  Not only does this free up our time, but it also offers some benefits to you, the fly-in attendees.
This year you no longer have to pre-purchase food tickets.  Although you will be able to buy them in advance from the vendor while here on the field, you do not have to RSVP or pre-purchase any food.  This frees you up to eat on your schedule.  Then, in order to handle the changing consumption patterns, food concessions will be open from Friday noon to the end of breakfast on Sunday (closed only at night).  So, look for continuous food availability during regular hours and hopefully less hassle.
If you want more information on the menu or hours, click here for a detailed page of food information.  And free feel to tell us how you feel the new food setup is working.

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