Monday, February 27, 2012

Volunteers Needed at Sinful Sundays


Started in 2004 as a destination for a Sunday flight, the Sinful Sunday events have grown over the years from a few visiting friends to an average of 100 planes on good weather days.
At last year's August event, we realized that if it were not for our family members and their friends, we would have needed to cancel the event because no one else was here to 'work' when things started to get into full swing.  Most of you have come to know Rich's Mom, Betty, and Ginger's parents, Wayne and Donna, as they are at most of the airport events.  You will also find them working hard and donating funds and items to ensure that everyone has a great time during all the events.  But, did you know that none of them are pilots?  And, did you realize that they travel around 200 miles, one way, just to be here and often return to their homes on the same day? 
In the past 8 years, we have continued to host these events through our own medical emergencies, while family members have been in the hospital, and with very little sleep.  We've re-organized and rescheduled appointments and work to ensure the grounds are ready for your presence.  Vacations are delayed or not taken, repairs and upgrades needed to our home are postponed, and we have to gracefully bow out of wedding invitations, parties, and family reunions.  Ginger shops diligently for days to find the best prices on the finest ice cream and supplies so we can continue to offer quality to you at an affordable price.  The car is packed to the brim with needed supplies during at least 3 trips into Louisville per event. 
Yes, we have had a few regular volunteers who have been great (and are not related to us).  Over the past 3 or 4 years, you’ve seen Jack at most every event serving lunches.  Jack is also not a pilot and it is sad to say that no one has ever offered him a ride in an airplane, maybe that will change this year.  Jim has done everything from washing dishes to serving up whipped cream to greeting people as they arrive.  And, Crystal and Mike have recently joined in on the fun by ensuring you register and can find a t-shirt or hat in the right size and color.  Bob and Berry are usually busy in the background with things no one else likes to do - like trash.  
Yet, we find that to do this event comfortably for everyone, around 19 or 20 people are needed.  And, to really be helpful, it needs to be the same 19 or 20 people at every event.  Additionally, they need to be able to be here before things start and stay until the last person departs for home and admittedly, some of it is demanding, fast paced, and requires standing.
So, we are putting it out to all of you to see if these events continue.  We know that we have personal commitments this summer that will take us away from some of these events and therefore can not do it without your help.  Do you want to ensure that others have a fun flying destination?  If so, please volunteer!   CLICK HERE

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