Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Help a Fledgling Pilot

One of aviation’s most recognizable paint schemes comes to life
with an attitude in this light hearted bumper sticker.  Get yours
now while they’re still in stock.  It’s a limited run so don’t wait.
It started with an old bumper sticker photo found online.  “Help stamp out nosewheels” it said.  A few laughs and “why nots” later, a small batch of replicas had been made.  They were a big hit.
This decal has a mission - stamp out nosewheels.  And what better way
to start the fight than to place this homage to the training aircraft of
WWII on your toolbox or automobile?  Get yours now while
they’re still in stock.  It’s a limited run so don’t wait.
Then, when the first run sold out, the obvious question was, “Do we make more?”  Of course, pilots being pilots, more encouragement and ideas followed.  And, once again, Jessica Voruda put her graphic arts and computer skills to work to make them a reality.  Over several days of back and forth with friends online, designs were firmed up and generated.  When those involved agreed the images were just right, another order was placed.
The legendary black lightning bolt on yellow is known world wide
to belong to the Cub.  Open the door to some good natured
ribbing with this light hearted jab at your tricycle friends.
Get yours now while they’re still in stock.
It’s a limited run so don’t wait.
The results of all that effort are what you see here.  We hope you like the designs.  Myself, I am happy to have played a part in the process and I hope you will order them for you and your friends.  Jessica Voruda, the graphic artist who took all the ideas and actually made it happen, is passionate about aviation and a student pilot.  In fact, she is set to resume her flying lessons (in a Cub) once the weather improves.   So, please support her efforts and buy one for you and each of your friends.  They’d look great on your tool box and automobile.  There’s only 50 of each so don’t wait.  Click here to purchase your bumper sticker now.

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