Monday, June 15, 2015

Fly-In Name Change?

Through the years a very small group of people have grown attached to the name of our event, The Wood, Fabric, & Tailwheels Fly-In.  Having come up with it myself as a name that would immediately tell aviators what the event was about, it still does the job.  But, I also know that 99% of attendees don’t use it nor do they even know the name.  It’s too long, easy to butcher, and quite frankly it no longer accurately tells the story.  For this reason, I would like to change the name.
I’m curious what you think?  Knowing people often get bent out of shape when changes like this occur to their favorite events, I wanted to put it out there to make sure that would not be an issue.  Are you open to it?
Can't have that.
What would be the new name?  Some have suggested “The Lee Bottom Fly-In.”  It is what most people call it.  Of course the current name is long and most have never known it.  Me personally, I like something that would differentiate it from other events we would like to have in the future and leave it open for expansion.  The idea I have in mind would also tie it to other tag lines we have, such as, “Lee Bottom - Where old planes go to fly.”.  Additionally, our fly-in has come to be about so much more than just old planes.  It is about everyone and everything aviation.
If you’re open for a change, let me know.  If you’re going to stomp around mad let me know.  Whatever the case, I can assure you it will not be “Bottomventure.”  You’ll have to trust me on that one.  And, if you don’t like it, you can always call it the “Lee Bottom Fly-In.”
Something for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I agree that most people call it the Lee Bottom Fly In and it is probably almost impossible to alter that.
Plus, it works--descibing and locating the event. However, you being who you are, someting a little tongue-in-cheek comes to mind out of the name you created already. I always thought the Wood Fabric and Tailwheel name was actually Wood, Tailwheel, and Fabric. Ergo, WTF for short. Kind of reminds me of you and the general theme of your on-going commentary. So, I like calling it the WTF Fly-In or WTFly-In (people gravitate to brevity). But--Lee Bottom Fly-In will likely live on forever.

Rick Tabb 58KY Aircoupe 6360V

Anonymous said...

The Rag-Wing fly in. Short, and to the point.

Scott Ely
Team 7AC, for the win.

Shannon said...

Why change the name it has work well for a long time and is not broken so why try to fix it. Chuck Avon