Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Know if You're Qualified for the Aviation Job

I was perusing the internet today and came across a young pilot who was curious if his qualifications were enough to get him hired.  Sadly, it was easy to see his ideas of "employable" were not up to date with current hiring standards.  His big concern?  Did he need to add the "double I" to his CFI ratings.
After thinking this this through, I decided there needed to be a written set of rules of thumb for people like him.   Knowing they had to be easy to understand, even if you were on life support, I came up with these.  Please share them with everyone who dreams of a job in aviation.
Step one:
Do you have a pilot license?
If you answered YES, you could be employable with a little work.  See step two.
If you answered NO, click here. 
Step two:
Do you have a commercial pilot license?
If you answered YES, you are most likely employable.
If you answered NO, get a commercial license now.
Step three:
Are you a minority(includes female)?*
If you answered Yes - Congratulations, you are employable.
If you answered No, please move on to step four.
Step four:
What kind of aviation job do you seek?  (INSTRUCTIONS for completing this step.  Find the specific job you desire and answer the question yes or no.  If your answer is "YES" you are employable.  If the answer is "NO" see instructions for rectifying the problem.)
Can you pump gas?
Answered No?  Learn to pump gas.  Tug driving skills a bonus.
Was there ever a time in your life you could fog a mirror?
Answered No?  Lie; they expect it.
Passenger (regional):
Could you fog a mirror yesterday?
Answered No?  Accept the interview (everybody gets one).  Once in the interview, make it clear you are so excited about the job that the management person, in the panel part of your interview, begins to salivate.  If you are unsure how to do this, repeat after me, "I can't believe I'd get paid to do this job; I'd almost do it for free; it's my dream."  Commit it to memory and use it freely.
Passenger (major airline, except Delta and American - see Freight Major):
Assuming regional and or military experience, can you fog a mirror?
Answered N0?  Find a new medical examiner.
Freight (Major - includes Delta and American)
Can you fog a mirror, do you have a degree, are you in possession of internal references, and were you in the military?
Answer No?  It's too late.  Consider all other options unless your references are from management.
This one earns the Classic Foreshadowing Award.
After all, .orgs are reserved for non-profits.
I sincerely hope these rules of thumb make your job search easier.  If you or a friend find them helpful, and you wish to thank me for their creation, share them with all your pilot friends so they too will have a chance.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing people succeed.  Misery loves company.
*Use everything to your advantage


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