Monday, January 18, 2016

Flawed Thinking Is A Dangerous Thing

I came across a fascinating article this morning.  It tells the story of how flawed thinking and scientific bias may have led to the deaths of many pilots.  Tragically, it also describes a point when the problem should have been revealed but egos prevented it. 
When aviation accidents began to stack up, post WWII, the military brain trust was at a loss.  What was going on?  Unknowingly, elsewhere the problem had been found.  Sadly though, when scientists were faced with the data of reality, the experts could not bring themselves to believe they were wrong.  Instead, they blamed others.
Fortunately, one scientist persisted to push his data to the military.   During a rare moment of clarity, the Air Force listened.  Aircraft design would change forever.
I must say though, the author of the book, from which this article was derived, missed a major point.  During WWII aircraft were designed in a manner fitting the later solution.  What happened in between to change that?  I suspect that story would be of equal interest.
To read the article, click here.

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