Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Aviation Migration - What Will Be The 2016 Challenge?

It's time to plan for the annual fly-in at Lee Bottom.  This year The Aviation Migration will be held September 16th-18th.  Make your plans now?
What will this year's challenge be?  We're trying to narrow that down.  Currently many people are suggesting a rematch of Cubs vs. Champs.  We also have Taildraggers vs. Tricycles, Yellow planes vs. White, Cessnas vs. Pipers (Pre-56 and after), and Homebuilt vs. Certified on the table.  Do any of these sound fun to you?  Or, maybe you have a better idea?  Send us your thoughts.


Rudyink56 said...

Wacos vs. Stearmans!

Mike Dean said...

High wing vs. Low wing

One wing vs. Two wings

Open cockpit vs. Put a roof over my head

clem clements said...

Fastest down the flightline. Point system based on age of plane and speed down the strip. Dangerous? Probably. Funnest? Yes!

Unknown said...

All are very good idea's, I like the three that Mr. Dean offered. Keep flying!

Pastor Hollywood said...

I like two wings vs one... but in the interest of full disclosure, mine is NOT an unbiased opinion! Biplanes forever, baby! ;)

South Jersey Pilot said...

And verdict ?

Before I read the comments I thought... biplanes VS mono planes too