Friday, December 16, 2016

Have You Heard We're Closing?

If you haven’t, congratulations. You, apparently, are not connected to the string of aviators who believe contributing to the future of aviation means “offering their wildest gossip.” Why aviation has to be the low rent version of TMZ I’ll never know. However, I do find it quite funny.
The last time crazy gossip started was when we were looking toward development. Someone started the rumor the airport floods every year. Amazingly, in a week’s time, many regulars were asking us how we dealt with the flooding.
I’m not talking about the stray threads of society. These were people who fly in every few weeks throughout the year; people with strong heads on their shoulders. Yet, with no pushback, their minds accepted the gossip as reality and they repeated it.
As for the guy who started the flooding rumor, he ended up in deep water (irony alert) for deceptive practices (elsewhere) and quietly vanished. But, how did the latest rumor start? Any guesses?
Many things likely led the first aviation gossip fairy to utter the rumor we were closing. The last fly-in was held this year. That’s a potential trigger point. Then there was the fact I told those in attendance we had too much crap and to make me an offer on anything not bolted down. I hoped to free up some space, and instead of them getting great deals people gossiped. Finally, and admittedly, I have been known to mention selling everything so we could have a mountain retreat in Montana, an expedition boat, or a DC-3 converted to a flying Winnebago. But hey, let’s be realistic. Montana and the boat are not practical.
Note:  We're always looking for someone, possibly a retiree, who would be interested in extremely cheap rent on a home and hangar in exchange for mowing and basic upkeep. There is too much to be done for us alone to conquer.

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