Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Warm Weather Brings Lee Bottom Aviation Refuge to Life

The refuge is coming alive at a quicker rate than hoped.  Yes, it's great to see the warmer seasons approach but they bring with them an increased work load we never look forward to. Want an example? Early on, when the grass starts to grow, we often have to mow three times a week to keep up.

Oh well, everything has a price. These are the bills that reward all of us with a beautiful place to fly.

This week, with the help of some friends, we've made a change to the tractor that should leave less impact on the ground, the "outhouse" has been re-opened, and we're working to get everything else ready to mow next week.

Around the property, green is starting to show on the trees, flowers are in bloom on the hillside, and wildlife is becoming more active. Overhead, an increase in traffic has occurred.  Inside the house, the airport has taken the lead in conversations.

When it comes to years, there are Lunar, Gregorian, Tropical, and more.  Around here we go by the "Airport Year," the beginning of which is signaled by the items above. Therefore, it seems another has arrived to do with as we please.  Let's do our best to make it a productive one.


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