Friday, February 9, 2018

Ace Turns 15

A truly wonderful dog.
February 14th is Ace's birthday. Ginger calls him her Ace of Hearts (born on Valentine's Day). He's 15 this year.

If you've spent any time at Lee Bottom, you know Ace. He's one of the best dogs I've ever known; a favorite of vets, laid back, and loyal. Anyone who doesn't like him can be written off as "strange" and pretty much ignored from that point on.

Years ago this amazing dog was the best man at our wedding, for years he kept deer off the runway, and now he holds down territory in the house. If you haven't seen him in a while he's friendly as ever, and older, and still never leaves our side.

Dang birthdays!


Ed Burke said...

Ace looks like a REALLY great friend and I'm guessing that he has some years left in him still. I hope he keeps fit and happy, please give him a pat from Flaxton, Queensland, Australia. Tell him it's from Ed Burke, a hopeless dog lover.

Michael Cuy said...

I remember meeting Ace at the 2003 (I believe) Mt. Comfort Indianapolis Air Show when Ginger's Mom and Dad were Ace's "handlers" while you guys took care of air show responsibilities. What a good dog!

Nick Stroud said...

Love that monochrome minidude! Like Michael, I first met the little guy in 2003 at the Indianapolis show (or was it '05?), and Ace and I spent some great times booting a soccer ball up the LB runway during every visit to "64 India" thereafter. He's looking not a day older — me, weeelll.... Happy birthday for next week dude!