Monday, July 29, 2019

Sinful Sundays Update

The air over Lee Bottom.

As I’m sure you already suspected, there will be no Sinful Sundays this year. There are many reasons we chose, early on, to forgo events in 2019. And, someday we’ll tell you what they were. In the meantime, please know in the absence of the events we have been working on several projects critical to the long-term future of the field.
Yes, throughout the year we have implied there may still be some kind of small event which might still happen. IF it does, it will not actually be an event, but us grilling some burgers for ourselves and those who choose to attend. It might even be after the leaves have turned and the air has gained a chill. It could also be on a day most people wouldn’t fly. Whatever the case, if you want to be on the email list please message us to let us know.
Enjoy the remaining days of summer. As always, thanks for your support.


Dan said...

Please send notifications my way...thx!

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