Friday, June 11, 2010


After last month's post about the contributions of items to the airport, we were asked about creating a list of items that are needed.  Although this is pretty much impossible, we did think of a list of things that are on our wish list.  Maybe you have the time for some of these projects or know of a place to get something at a  discount or possibly have some of them laying around not being used.  If something sparks your interest or you have a lead to share with us, please contact us before making plans - just in case someone else also has the same idea and/or specific sizes are needed and not specified.
  • ZTR type mower with suspension and front end 5' to 6' mowing deck
  • 2 sets of four good used tires (255 to 275 75-15's) for hay wagons to be used as people movers
  • set of turf tires for front of mowing tractor  (10.00-16's)
  • 2 foot and a half culvert pipes to put in auto parking area ditch
  • diesel mechanic with tractor experience to help with tractor maintenance
  • equipment, supplies, and manpower to move electricity and water to East side of runway
  • new set of cones
  • new windsock
  • industrial, heavy duty shelving to store supplies for events and equipment used at airport
  • small gas or diesel (preferably) vehicle like a golf cart or gator with a bed for hauling (4 X 4 preferred)
  • people wagon to be restored
  • people wagon to be created from hay wagon
  • tractor seat for MF 240
For those of you who have helped with monetary contributions this year, everyone appreciates your help in keeping this airport operating for current and future generations to enjoy.  As soon as the secretary arrives, we'll get the recognition all of you deserve posted on the website.  In the meantime, we should let you know that we have been able to use your assistance towards:
  • spring grass maintenance - weed, feed, and seed
  • final fixes to a 250 gallon ag sprayer
  • chemical to spray weeds and brush along road, ditch, and bank
  • purchase 500 gallons of fuel used in tractors, mowers, and airport maintenance equipment
  • repairs and maintenance to batwing mowing deck
  • paying down the debt from 2009 fly-in
  • purchasing supplies for public restroom facility
  • paying utility bills used by the airport and its patrons
  • trash dumpster rental and pick-up
Lee Bottom Flying Field is a privately-owned public-use airport.  The airport does NOT receive Federal, State, Grant or Stimulus Funding.  Your contributions help us manage the turf, maintain operations and improve the facilities.  If you'd like to contribute to one of aviation's great escapes click here.


Unknown said...

A special thanks goes out to Bob Matlock for offering to pay for a new windsock. He's also offered to purchase 6 of the 48 cones that we'd like to replace soon. I haven't gotten a price on them yet but they have been running around 8 to 9 ea plus shipping.

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