Friday, June 11, 2010


We want to thank all the people that joined in and helped us with the job of get everything out of storage and cleaned for the upcoming Sinful Sunday.  Because of all of your help and work we were able to accomplish a weeks worth of work in a day.  This was extremely helpful as personal obligations have and will be keeping both of us away from the airport more than usual this summer.  A special thanks goes out to the Bowman Eagles and the EAA chapter based at Bowman Field in Louisville for pulling together this work crew with just a few hours notice.
In addition to this great group of guys who have become our "go to" group when things "need" to be done around the airport, Crystal Korff spent one afternoon putting her professional power washing skills to use and for that we are also very grateful.  Just like the kids that once swept hangar floors for airplane rides, this UPS pilot got her first ride in a J3 Cub for putting the power washer to work on the porch floor.

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