Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ginger Receives Tourism Award

Ginger Davidson, of Lee Bottom Flying Field, Recognized by Lt. Governor of Indiana with Hoosier Hospitality Award.

HANOVER, INDIANA – Ginger Davidson, of Lee Bottom Flying Field, was recognized on Wednesday by Indiana’s Lt. Governor Becky Skillman for her outstanding contributions to the tourism industry. During the ceremony at the State House, Ginger received one of twenty-two 2011 Lt. Governor’s Hoosier Hospitality Awards which recognize a high level of service in tourism-related jobs.
“These are just a few of the Hoosiers who go the extra mile to make guests feel welcome,” said Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman. “Indiana’s trademark hospitality is a result of their hard work and positive attitude.”

Ginger’s award was unique in that it also represented an airport as a tourist destination. Through her continued hard work and efforts to promote airports as something more than a place where airplanes land and take off, she has brought positive attention to an industry long overlooked for its tourism potential.

Ginger Davidson is the managing partner of Lee Bottom Flying Field; a destination well known to enthusiasts of grass roots aviation.


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Way to go Ginger (and Rich)! You're the greatest!

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Amelia Earhart says
Congratulations Ginger, you are very deserving of the award, maintaining the web site, the Sinful Sundaes (3 yearly) and the humongous job of putting on an annual fly in that draws people from all US states plus Internationally. Not to mention more behind the scene jobs like constant upkeep of a grass airstrip, her garden, bees, maple syrup, dogs & cats and lambs. WOW!

Ken said...

Congratulations Ginger! Wow! But, I guess it's to be expected if anyone would just take the time to think about it, as Lt. Governor Becky Skillman obviously did!
WE sure are proud of you and proud to say we are in your acquaintance!
Ken & Terri