Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flying, Horse Farms, and Memorial Day

Ginger and I were fortunate enough to have Memorial Day off this year and when our friend Myles Buhlig asked us over to Silo Field for a BBQ, we said yes. Every year, our friend Art Francis, who owns one end of the runway, and Mr. Boone who owns the other, hold a small intimate event on the field. Historically it has always been in the fall but this year they decided to hold another one in the spring and from the looks of it everyone had a great time.
We started the day with a long time friend of Lee Bottom, Steve Bickel, who flew in early and hung out to enjoy the morning. Then we were headed to Frankfort for fuel and to meet my brother in his Bird dog. The day was off to a good start and as it went on it was evident it would be a typical day of flying; my kind of flying.
Shut down at the pumps in Frankfort I received a call from my brother who was having trouble getting started. That’s a typical aviation day right? Having planned to follow him in to Silo Field, now I needed a new Bird dog, so to speak. Looking around, we spotted our friend Ken Jordan and several other friends pulling planes out of hangars and we knew they must be going to the same place. Problem solved.
Taxiing over to get in formation, somehow we ended up as the Bird dog, or lead of a four ship flight. Together we included 2 really nice Champs, an Aeronca Sedan, and the Cub. Off we went led by the blind.
Lexington tower was very kind, as usual, and let us over fly the field. Six miles further South we could see the field and several planes already on the ground. That’s when a fifth ship joined the pattern with us; my brother John in his remedied Bird dog. All five of us landed, were met by Myles and a big American flag, and proceeded to have a great time at this wonderful place.
Situated on a typical Lexington, Kentucky horse farm (if there is such a thing), landing at Silo Field has the air of landing at a country club. Ringed by fences, highlighted with ancient trees, blanketed with bluegrass, and owned by friendly people, we are always glad to visit.
Thanks to Mr. Boone for putting up with us all and allowing everyone to have a little fun on his end of the strip.
Art? Well, he recently fell and broke his hip and was unable to attend. We were told that as soon as he hit the floor and was helped back up, he was upset that he wouldn’t be able to attend and use his fancy homemade ice cream maker for the event. That’s how Art is. He never stops, he’s a great guy, and we wish him a speedy recovery.
As for the rest of you, we hope you enjoyed the day and took some time to remember those who have given their lives to protect our country.  Days like these wouldn't be possible without their sacrifice.

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