Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Shirt for Flying Season

Flying season is here so check out our airport apparel to get yourself a "fly-in shirt."  Yes that's right, a fly-in shirt; we all have them right?  This is the shirt you like to wear to fly-ins and other aviation events.  Some of them are funny, some of them make a statement, and some of them serve merely to support your favorite flying field.  It's our hope you'll make one of our shirts your "fly-in shirt."
If we do not have a shirt you like, maybe one of our caps is just what you need to keep the sun off your face.  Currently, our online store is under construction so all shirt and cap purchases will happen here at Lee Bottom during events or when you fly in.  We'll have a good selection out during the first Sinful Sunday on June 12th.

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