Friday, June 3, 2011

Timely Updates Through Blog

When NORDO News goes out to our mailing list, it is compiled from posts on the NORDO News Blog.  For some time now we've been posting items on the blog first and then compiling them later into newsletters.  This method allows us to be more timely when needed and to post editorials that only the true followers of NORDO News can handle.  Therefore, if you want to get the latest NORDO News and Lee Bottom Flying Field updates, follow our blog by clicking here and then clicking on "Follow" at top of the page in the blue bar.  Not every NORDO News Blog post makes it into the newsletter.  So, if you want to see all the good and all the bad, sign up now and you won't miss a thing.
One last word of caution though; if you are looking for the lollipop, over-simplified, run-again, carbon-copy articles and editorials you get in today's aviation magazines, you do not want to read the NORDO News Blog.

For those of you that like NORDO News, please consider passing along our blog or individual posts to your friends.  There are fewer and fewer of us die-hard aviators out there every day and we all need to stay connected.

Finally, thanks for taking time to read our online publications.  Feel free to respond positively, or negatively, to anything you see.

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