Monday, May 28, 2012

Poly-Fiber - Flabob

As I mentioned in a prior post, late last year I was able to spend a few hours with some friends at Flabob. One of them was John Goldenbaum of Poly-Fiber. Having always wanted to see the  campus of the world famous aircaft covering system, we talked him into giving us the tour.

If you don’t know John, he is somewhat of a humble man and his words are measured . Therefore, our tour turned out to be a little bipolar. It was really quite funny. Despite commanding 75% – 80% of the aircraft fabric covering market, John was constantly downplaying the operation with his typical sense of humor while I expressed how it was the coolest thing I had seen in ages. So, there you had John standing in the middle of one building joking about the need for a bus to handle the demand for tours (there’s just one building), while I’m looking at the majority of all the Poly-Fiber in the world and acting like a kid in a candy store. John would say “This is it; not much to it” and I would answer “Hey, this stuff keeps my kind of flying in the air; this is great”. And that’s how it continued all the way to the end of our tour.

If you ever end up with a need for a recover job, I highly recommend Poly-Fiber. It’s a proven system and they offer unbeatable customer service with an unbeatable record. And if you ever find yourself near Flabob, drop in for the tour. You’ll enjoy it.

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