Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shoot to Kill Authorized Over Chicago?

Why would they risk asking a pilot to shoot down one of his own?  Drone Operators are experienced with such things.  Just like camera bravery, when looking through a lens or at a screen it doesn't seem as real.
News has been swirling wildly about the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago and the accompanying “No Fly Zone”. What has everyone all worked up?  The word, or implied wording, “shoot to kill”. That may come as a shock to some of you but others have asked “Is this really any different than the usual TFR?”
Here’s what I have found. This link for a Standard TFR over Chicago is for things like sporting events; a typical TFR. Read it and you will not see any wording of shoot to kill or use of force. But, if you look at this link to the “TFR” over Chicago for the NATO Summit, you will clearly see the words “deadly force against the airborne aircraft” on the first page.
It seems it really is different from a Standard TFR and it also does seem to include the authorization to "shoot and kill" any stray airplanes.  What I can't seem to find is if there is anything similar for vehicles or people on the ground.  Maybe someone out there can lead me to it.
Whatever the case, don't be flying around Chicago during the summit held May 19-21, 2012. 

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