Monday, June 4, 2012

Important News About Lee Bottom Events

As most of you know by now, a tornado left Lee Bottom Flying Field with some pretty substantial damage back in March. Here’s an update on how things are going.
Since the tornado, we worked to have an obstructionist health department official removed, Ginger caught Lyme Disease, and we’ve both had the flu for a full week each. Due to these obstacles, we ended up at the end of contractor schedules. Eventually we worked with one for several weeks until his estimate magically doubled overnight when it appeared to him we were committed.
Beyond the house, the cabin is damaged, the shop is gone, and the planes are stuck in the hangar due to damaged doors. All of our equipment is either gone or damaged and two of our cars were destroyed. Those are the highlights.
OK, so now to the question everyone keeps asking us; what about Sinful Sundays and The Wood, Fabric, and Tailwheels Fly-In?
Well, we’ve certainly handled our share of disasters over the years but this one has thoroughly beaten us up; physically, mentally, and financially. Holding all these events in 2012, as successful and popular as they may be, is simply impossible for us to do. Therefore, all events this year, with one exception, have been cancelled. What’s the exception? The fly-in will be replaced with an all-out fly-in fundraiser for the airport. Details on this event will be coming soon in another NORDO News so keep an eye out for it.
Like you, we truly love Sinful Sundays and although they’re painful to cancel we just couldn’t figure out a good way to host them with all the damage. We hope you’ll come back when they do. And as for the fly-in, it’s no secret that it is our flagship that's recognized around the world. This makes it really tough to cancel but as noted, it will be replaced with a fundraiser fly-in. Held every year since 1996, these events proved that aviators are hungry for real aviation and we’re proud of our record.
So again, here’s the story on events at Lee Bottom this year:
•  All Sinful Sundays are cancelled
• The fly-in is cancelled and will be replaced with a fly-in fundraiser on the same weekend.
Look for details on the fundraiser in an upcoming NORDO News. The funds raised at this event will determine our course for the future.

Note:  The runway was gone over for a full week by many different groups checking it for fod.  It has been open and in use ever since.  The picnic tables are still here and the restroom is open.  If you fly in and don't see us we are likely somewhere working on one of the little projects left by the storm.

Here's the link to the full story of the tornado.

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Anonymous said...

I know these two pilots/owners of Lee Bottom Flying Field personaly who are childless and spend their free time pleasing others in the name of aviation. Two people cannot run a grass airport as large as theirs. They need help in order for it to continue. Their extended families all live 100-200 miles away. Acts of nature have compounded expenses: (1) freak flood after planting new grass for runway washed away, County declared their road a mud slide (2)an ice storm that turned their once upside down "U" hut into a "M" destroying two airplanes they owned (3) hurricane that sent much debri down the Ohio River (4)Recent Rainouts (one cancell) & low attendance at past two major Sept fly-in events (5)now a tornado declared a National Disaster with FEMA arriving (not any help there folks). My heart bleeds for them--this is also their home, a 1 bedroom at that. Add to that broken down equipment needing repairs and time to find parts. Add health issues the number of broken bones, stitches and sprains and major illnesses now.
1)I believe they would have a number one book seller-one option.
2)I believe if a group of 100aviators would sign and send this case to America Complete Makeover would be another option.
3)I believe their area is the last of the beautiful, quiet, serene, peaceful settings left in Mid America where you can fly in ( or drive) and rent their log cabin to capture times past and get out of the fast lane.

May God bless them in their decisions.
Amehlia A"heart"