Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Sexy Beast Returns to the Air

The Lairds built some awesome flying machines. The latest one to go airborne after restoration is no different. Damn this thing is sexy. Woo hoo what a hot little number!
Known as a 1936 Laird LCR(W)-300 Speedwing, this machine was actually in the factory in 1929 but it wasn’t finished. That’s the short version of how it came to be a 1936. Walter Bowe acquired it not too long ago and made quick work of getting her in the air.
Walter says he hopes to bring this amazing bird to the Midwest this year so let’s all pray he accomplishes his goal. I know I’d love to see it.
Here’s a link to Aerofiles where you can find a little more information on this airplane. If you’ve never been to this website, learn to read their system of aircraft information. You’ll want to return there in the future.

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