Monday, September 3, 2012

Geez Beez Honey

Ginger’s world class flying machines, also knows as Geez Beez, delivered a bumper crop of honey this year.  If you are near Lee Bottom and want a bottle or more, you are in luck.  Drop in to the airport and near the red door you will see a blue cooler.  Inside are bottles of honey which you can purchase using the honor system.
Select bottles of Geez Beez honey come with tags that describe the inspiration for the name.  The label says, "The Gee Bee Model Z set world speed records in 1931 during the golden age of air racing.  World class flying machines known as Ginger’s Bees (Geez Beez) created your raw honey while located at an airport reminiscent of the golden age of flying".

Gee Bee Z

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