Sunday, September 2, 2012

JOIN THE FUNdraiser and Say Goodbye to 2012

The $100 Hamburger Tornado Relief Fundraiser is less than a month away. Just saying that makes me sit back and take a deep breath. When the year started we were working hard to be ahead for planning the fly-in. Shortly thereafter the tornado hit and nearly everything fly-in related was damaged or destroyed. That’s when the idea of a fundraiser came about.
Just like the fly-in, when we started the fundraiser planning, we were going to go all out and be ahead of the game. Then we realized, once again, we didn’t have the equipment. Therefore, the idea of an extremely basic fundraiser won out. It was settled; we would go minimal on everything but the fundraising. Well, it sounded like a good idea.
What was once a fundraiser with mountains of inertia from many corners soon turned into more battles against circumstance. The string of chance and misfortune has been unbelievable. Yet, we are going ahead with the event and will be here grilling and offering free burgers to those willing to donate a hundred dollars. If you arrive and it merely looks like a bunch of people got together on a Saturday to cook out, do not be surprised; that is exactly what we are going for.
If you are wondering if you heard that right, you did.  Attendance is a $100 donation per person (kids under 17 free). I could go on forever trying to explain it but I think at this point you either get it or you do not. Whatever the case, the donation level was not intended to make it something highbrow. Ultimately, it was chosen for many reasons with the biggest one being the goal of actually raising some money for the airport. Keep in mind, if only ten people were to show up, it would be the single most profitable event we’ve ever held.
The $100 Hamburger Tornado Relief Fundraiser Fly-In
September 29, 2012
We'll be grilling burgers from 11-5.

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