Sunday, December 30, 2012

Everything is Incredible

The human spirit; an intangible quality assumed by many to exist in every Homo sapien. Unfortunately, with the same nature of trophies for everyone, those giving this gift do nothing but disguise the exceptionalism of others with their vain attempts to ordain themselves as special by association. Yet although wrong, it is understandable. Who among us would does not desire to be special?
Fortunately, nature keeps us in check. Despite our strongest dreams and greatest attempts to raise ourselves high, the truly special people in this world, those who define the human spirit, are often so unique, so wonderful, and so full of life, their desire and ability to transcend every obstacle is unstoppable. Driven with a power source that defies the tangible, these people shine from the darkest corners of existence to prove nothing is impossible; to show us that everything is incredible.
Below is the story of one such man. His desire to fly, and to live his life, is expressed with his hands as they build his imagination. Enjoy.

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