Tuesday, December 18, 2012

That Great Alaskan Aviation Spirit

While researching 337s, I recently talked to several pilots and operators from Alaska.  I looked there because the state has always been that place where aviation still made sense.  The FAA worked with operators, field approvals actually happened, and everybody flew as much as possible.
Now though, after talking to these people, it seems that aviation in Alaska is also falling prey to the evils of today.  The FEDs are against everything and gas is astronomical.  Therefore, the flying lifestyle of legend is fading.  Knowing this, and having heard a pilot talk of not seeing a plane fly over for days, I was glad to come across the video below.
If nothing else, the spirit of the aviation still exists in Alaska.  Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

My two years flying in Alaska in the early 80's where great. Wonder at times why I ever left or never went back.