Thursday, April 25, 2013

Events, Everyone Keeps Asking About Events

Yes it’s true; we still do not have any events scheduled for 2013.  We’ve been talking about it and would like to step back into it slowly.  What I can tell you so far is that we know we’d like to have one Sinful Sunday and the September fly-in.
Unfortunately, “would like to” and “will have” are two vastly different things.  Although there’s an obvious demand for our events, the problem continues to be time and infrastructure.  One Sinful Sunday alone takes days to get prepare for with the overall prep starting a week in advance.  Additionally, my schedule with the new company is barely predictable thus making events that much harder to organize and man. 
There’s also the issue of facilities.  Although we are slowly rebuilding and doing so with an improvement of infrastructure in mind, we’ll be lucky to have the hangar rebuilt by the end of September.  The fly-in fundraiser at the end of last year was a big help but the timing of the repairs now works against us.
So, what to do, what to do?  Clearly, with an eye on the future, going forward the events at Lee Bottom will change.  Aviation has changed, is changing, and in ten years it will look vastly from today.  These changes are what we’ve been watching and planning for.  They will affect everything we do from here on and even if the tornado had not happened, the events were going to change.  In some case, an event may only change slightly where others may become something altogether different.  Ultimately, the changes will be a reflection of a new and well plotted course for the field.
Keep your eyes out for a decision on events in May.  Until then, please remember the field is open and, as always, here for you to enjoy.

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