Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Old Plane Flies - Will Be at Vintage Days

A while back we discussed some interesting vintage aircraft that were close to flying. One of those planes subsequently flew a few weeks back and today another, the OX-5 Waco 10 belonging to the Chandler Field Museum, took to the air once again.  Leaving out early in the day, when temps were cool and winds likely to be light, Clay Hammond flew it from its final point of flight prep, Brookbridge Airpark, to Peach State Aerodrome.  There it will remain for display in the museum, occasional flights, and viewing at events such tomorrow’s fly-in.
There's Clay after the flight.
Tomorrow’s event at Peach State Aerodrome is the annual Vintage Day Fly-In.  If you are in the area, hop on over.  It’s sure to be fun.  Plus, you might get to see the OX-5 Waco 10 fly.

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