Saturday, June 1, 2013

And Yet Another Old Plane Flew Today (May 31st)

Well, it has been a good day for vintage aircraft.  Not long after posting the story of the Waco 10's first flight in Georgia this morning, our friend Doug Gardner emailed to let us know another great plane had just flown post rebuild.
Flying from Mallards Landing Airpark in Locust Grove, Georgia, Kent Gorton stretched the legs of this Ranger Ryan.  Kent and Terry Gardner, plus a few folks from Mallards Landing, worked on the rebuild and I’m sure all of them were happy to see it fly.  Look at that thing.  Who wouldn’t find it pretty?
If you really like the airplane, Kent and Terry have several PT-22 projects and together they plan to use six different STC’s to build more.  The most noticeable change is, of course, the Ranger powerplant.  But to the discriminating eye there’s more.  So, if you really really want to know more, you have to check out a few websites.
First, there is this website which belongs to the original owner of the plane in these photos.  It has some great history about the conversions.  The next website you should check out is Kent’s and Terry’s.  But hey, I’m warning you.  After a few minutes looking these things over, you may end up counting your pennies.

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