Monday, January 20, 2014

An Outright Amazing "DC-3" Rescue (Updated)

Photo by Don Wray
While perusing the online world for the latest flash in aviation's pan, I stumbled upon something unbelievable yet true.  Eyes wide open and jaw hanging, I was amazed when I saw it.  This Antarctic recovery of a "Turbine 3", which technically is way off the mark but we all know that's what it is, is nothing short of awe inspiring.  If you don't believe me, check out the photos by clicking here.
Thanks to Don Wray for sharing these images with us.  His job was Camp Manager and while working the logistics to keep things going, as he put it, he also "moved a lot of snow".  When all was said and done it took 42 days and a great team of dedicated people to rebuild this old girl and get her going again.
Photo by Don Wray
So what happened to her in the first place?  On takeoff she hit an ice chunk concealed in the snow which ripped the gear off and she belly flopped in.  Now though she's back in the land of the living.
If you haven't looked at the photos yet, note that big outcrop of rock in the background.
Photo 49 makes you wonder if "outcrop" satisfactorily defines it.
Congratulations again to the team that accomplished this task.  This also includes Katabatic Consulting, Kenn Borek Air, and ALCI.   I understand Don is going to put together a video on the effort which will be similar to the one featured below of a lesser damage rescue in 2009. Here's the final video.

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