Friday, January 31, 2014

When Handed Snow, Make Snow-Creme

Photo credit EAA

OK, so pretty much everyone is talking about winter weather this year.  As long as you're not a snowbird, the season has affected you.  Heck, who hasn't heard about "the inch that changed Atlanta"?  Nobody's safe. I even saw a picture of ice on the beach in Florida.  Oh the humanity!
Myself, I've always liked snow.  Give me a winter with the ground covered in white and I can handle it. Most people though seem to feel otherwise.  But why fight it?  Why not make the most of it?  February 8th, 2014 will be your chance.
On that date, the skiplane fly-in at Pioneer Airport is set to go.  43 planes are already registered so it could be lots-o-fun.  I've also noticed there's no shortage of photos online of planes with skiis fitted?  Therefore it seems many of you have at least dipped your toes; why not jump in?  If you think you might, keep reading.
According to the EAA website, "Pilots who wish to participate still have time to register, but must receive approval and flight briefings from EAA prior to landing at Pioneer Airport".  If that seems like a roadblock, don't let it be.  It's actually a very simple process and all you need to do is click here.  The contact information you need is at the bottom or you can click here to email Olivia Rasmus, who can help you register.
Bonus points go to "antiquers" who show up in any open cockpit older than 1945, on skiis of course. Do so, send us some photos for proof, and we'll make you the NORDO News Hero of the Month.

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Daryl said...

I may have missed it but what are the dates for the fly-in this summer(2014). I'm planning on flying up in my newly purchased Cessna 120. I'm really psyched up about it and can hardly wait for the weather to break (up north, I'm in Florida). Hope everyone is coping ok with the winter blasts.