Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where'd It Go? Vanishing Posts

If you've been reading NORDO News for more than a year, you likely know I sometimes put posts up for limited time periods and then drop them a few hours later. Doing so serves many purposes.  It allows me to vent and it also allows those who read it regularly to see them.  The occasional readers typically do not.
Allowing a post to be seen only by a few also limits the number of responses that make me question what people are reading.  My friends often say I like to stir the pot but if that's the case I'm not successful.  Stirring a pot makes a substance mix and move in a controlled manner.  It doesn't cause a chemical reaction which ends up with a new element bursting forth out of thin air.   That's what usually happens to me.
This situation has happened so many times I've been considering the phrases used to describe them and from now on I prefer you say I am "practicing mousetrap fission".   Yes, you heard it right.   Click here to see what I am talking about.

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