Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More Grass on the Way

During the middle of October we spent a full week mowing, aerating, fertilizing, and over-seeding all of the Lee Bottom property meant for handing aircraft.  The area worked, approximately 50 acres, was given one of the best treatments it has had in years.  Starting with a 17’ mowing deck, moving to an aerator just eight feet wide, and ending with a spreader that lays down seed in 15’ wide swaths, over 300 trips from one end of the field to the other were completed.
During the week long string of switchbacks, millions of plugs were pulled from the earth, tons of fertilizer were deposited, and around 2000 lbs of grass seed were carefully spread to take advantage of them both.  Ears were further deafened by the mower, arms were made numb from aerator vibrations, a back was pushed to its limits, and more hair was lost.  But then again, that last one could just be the fault of aviation.   Whatever the case, one full week of human existence was given to the Gods of Grass so that others may continue to enjoy no tread wear while expanding their aviation memory portfolios.
Here's to another great year of flying.

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