Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our Fly-In Sponsors are the Best

I'd like to take a minute to talk about our fly-in sponsors.  Over the years they've stuck with us through thick and thin.  And yet it is their quality of person, the principles and beliefs behind them, that make these folks so great.  In fact, we believe so strongly in only doing business with upstanding corporate and private citizens, we've been known to turn down sponsorships.  Yes, you read that right; if our sponsors weren't the best, they wouldn't be our sponsors.
Of course, it's easy to blow smoke up the skirts of sponsors but we're not into that. Instead, we prove our belief in them by referring their services as often as the opportunity allows.  And you know what? Every time we've ever referred one of them, we've heard great things back about the services or products received.   That's a great sign.  But, we love our sponsors so much we'd like to do more.
When it comes to Poly-Fiber, Signature Engines, and Vintage Pursuits, we have something special in mind for them.  Their products and services will be used in our rebuild of the family Champ (N2665E) that was crushed ten years ago in a freak snow storm hangar collapse.   Their fabric system will cover and color it, their engine services will assist in the conversion, and their consulting services will help us decided on what to include and what to leave out.
As for the other sponsors, I have personally ridden along on several Aeronautical Charters charter flights.  Their pilots are some of the best and their customers always seem to be smiling;  The Bowman Eagles is a flying club full of members who don't just fly taildraggers, they stay involved in aviation.  Most of you know them for being reliable fly-in volunteers here at Lee Bottom and other events;  The folks at Barfing Bee Honey are also reliable friends and volunteers.  Among other things, they head up the volunteers and aircraft parking during the fly-in;  Derrick Engineering helps us in many ways throughout the year and they are firmly placed in our long term goals for a water and septic system that would handle a growing airport infrastructure;  QAM, Inc, is owned and operated by some of the best folks on the planet.  Not only do they volunteer here at the fly-in, but they are constantly looking for ways to help out our communication infrastructure which is greatly hindered by our remote location; Geez Beez Honey offers nature's desert to pilots who fly into Lee Bottom from all over the country and beyond; Gordon Farms is another sponsor - they've helped out in more ways than we can count doing nearly every job possible at the airport or fly-in at one time or another.  And finally there's all of the people who purchased cones or donated money to help with the event; they often act as though they feel they aren't doing enough but the reality is they make up the majority of the effort.  There's power in numbers and they always come through.

Thanks again to all of our fly-in sponsors, big and small, for helping us get the fly-in back on track and making it another success.  Without you, it could not be done.

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