Sunday, August 21, 2016

Volunteers Needed

Reaffirming our decision, this last year of the fly-in is shaping up to be the most difficult. Arranging for food at the fly-in has been a real task; getting the grounds ready with so much rain is slow going; finding volunteers is a challenge. Can you help for a few hours?

Volunteers are needed for the usual spots, aircraft parking, and the front gate, meet and greet, and so on. There is also a need for people in the days leading up to it to get everything set up. This year though, we need some volunteers to help Friday night with the food.

Earlier in the year, a local community group agreed to do the Friday night dinner. After that they disappeared.  While struggling to find a replacement, a new member of the airport family told us he had been in charge of such meals for non-profit groups before and would put something together for us. This saved the day. HOWEVER, we still need 4-5 folks to help him take money, put the food on plates, etc.

If you can help with this, or any other area, please let us know.  With all volunteer positions we have found it usually works better if a club or group can supply a handful or two of folks. They seem to show up with some cohesiveness and sense of purpose.  On the other hand, some of our best help has been the random person who arrived out of nowhere and quickly became a member of the airport family.

We appreciate anything you can do to help us through this last fly-in.


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